About Bee Farm

A partnership founded in 2012 by Roger Masters and Mariano Jenik.

A secure supply of quality honey

Bee Farm is the product of a partnership between Roger (HoneyEx) and Mariano (HoneyMax) leveraging their combined 50 years of experience supplying high quality honey to international customers.


Founded by Roger Masters, HoneyEx is the Australian arm of the partnership and contributes the expertise that has developed retail honey categories all over the world.

Roger Masters

Roger Masters, Bee Farm

HoneyEx Pty Ltd was formed in 2012 by Roger Masters, former Managing Director of listed public company Capilano Honey Ltd, for about 16 years. Building on the relationships he formed during 16 years in in the honey industry both in Australia and internationally, He formed a strategic business partnership with HoneyMax SA located in Buenos Aires, Argentina which gives HoneyEx a unique position to straddle supply from the honey producing countries of both Australia and Argentina.

He is able to utilise the packing facilities of HACCP and accredited plants to supply honey from these regions, using Australia as a base for buffer stock from Argentina, which supports Australia, SEA and other international markets in times of honey shortage. Roger was involved in the establishing of both Capilano and HMX factories to the international standards they both enjoy.


Founded in 1994 by Mariano Jenik, HoneyMax has been involved in the Argentine beekeeping industry for over 40 years and secures a major source of high quality of honey. The Argentine facility maintains international quality accreditation and full HACCP certification and is independently audited and certified.

Mariano Jenik

Mariano Jenik, Bee Farm

HoneyMax S.A. (HMX) is Argentina´s leading private exporter of high quality bulk honey, providing consistent and reliable supply to international customers. Founded in 1994, HMX’s owners and company directors have been involved in the Argentine beekeeping industry for over 40 years. They have played a key role in leading honey exporting organizations and have contributed to the development of the Argentine honey industry.

HMX exports to more than 10 countries and is driven by the changing needs of its clients around the world.

HMX is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The processing plant is located close to the shipping port of Buenos Aires while four HMX warehouses are strategically located in key beekeeping areas for ease of supply.

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