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Our product ranges from 350g through to 2kg refill pack using honey that is blended to your customer’s taste profile.

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400g Twist and Squeeze Bee Farm Honey

High quality honey

We work with you to determine the right honey blend for your customer’s taste profile. We offer floral varieties including single origin Argentine poly-flora and Manuka.

All our retail products are packed in Australia.

Products Squeeze Bee Farm Honey

Design your order according to forecasted volumes per SKU and ship in a mixed full container load (FCL). Pricing is determined by blend and pack size. All pricing is FOB ex-Brisbane.

Our product range

SKU 350g 420g 400g 600g 1kg 2kg 3kg
Pack type Square Glass hex Squeeze Squeeze UD Squeeze Easy pour Easy pour
Honey blend Active manuka Single floral Poly-flora Poly-flora Poly-flora Poly-flora Poly-flora
Units / Pallet POA POA 1,260 960 768 384 POA
Cartons / Pallet 105 80 96 96
Units / Carton 12 12 8 4